Media and Podcast Room 

We provide:

six microphones & headphones,

sound recorder,

sound mixer,

flat-screen TV for logo display,

technician available on call,

whiteboard for brainstorming,

film lighting,

sound dampening technology.

Our media and podcast room welcomes all experience levels at an affordable rate of $35/hr.

All you need is a memory card no larger than 32GB.




As a professional, you may need to occasionally carry out some tasks that you don't have the facilities or technology for. But at the Co-mmunity Creative Space, we are here to help. We offer media/podcast room rentals that help you get some of your more technical tasks done conveniently and affordably.


You can't carry out podcast or other media recordings anywhere. You need a silent space where you know you will not have to deal with any interruptions until your job is completed. That is why you should contact us for a media room San Diego rental. Explore the technologies available to get some ideas for media room rentals that will help you complete your upcoming projects.


This room can seat up to five people and makes a great place for recording, filming, and conducting small meetings in an intimate setting. All you need to bring is a memory card no larger than 32 GB and we have got the rest covered! 


When you use our media room for rent at our San Diego office, you can take advantage of some of the other amenities we feature like our kitchen area and our complimentary coffee and tea for your entire party.


As a business professional, you need to consider how film recordings and podcasts on the Internet can increase your exposure and stir up the curiosity of a growing audience that is interested in what you and your company have to say. If you rent podcast room and put podcasts out with influential information and viewpoints that are valuable to your industry, you can be sure that you will attract increasingly more attention and you will find it easier to network and grow your client base.


Visit our media room to determine if it is right for the media projects you are planning for the near future. We are always available to answer your questions or provide you with a tour of our facilities. Improve the quality of your media recordings by using professional space that's specifically designed to offer the visual and audio effects you need. The more professional your recordings are, the more valuable they are going to be with your company and the more influential you will be in your industry.



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San Diego, CA 92037.
Tel - (858) 251-3777
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